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Man Repairing Peridot Ring

In 2018, Do You Dare to Repair?

We have a friend who makes the same New Year’s Resolution every single year: This year, I’m going to try something new. It’s always worked for him, so we’re going to suggest it to you. If you haven’t had your jewelry repaired before, why don’t you make 2018 the year you give it a try?

Jewelry repair makes it possible for you to don your jewelry that you haven’t been able to wear but can’t bear to part with because of its sentimental value.

Glancing into the typical jewelry box, you can find multiple types of situations where jewelry goes unworn. Sometimes size is the issue. If you’ve ever gained or lost weight, you may have rings that don’t go or stay on your fingers. If a ring is a gift or an inheritance, it may have never been the right size at all! Wouldn’t it be nice to wear your rings? Ring resizing is an affordable repair, and our experienced team has considerable expertise with resizing even the most difficult rings.

Sometimes jewelry goes unworn because it is in rough condition. This happens with inherited jewelry, as well as vintage shop finds; a piece can have a great deal of aesthetic appeal yet be unwearable. Jewelry restoration brings old jewelry back to life, by making the piece stable and wearable once again. Jewelry restoration can include recreating or replacing missing parts of an item, as well as sourcing and replacing missing gemstones and diamonds. The transformations can be truly incredible: a piece of jewelry that has been hidden away for all these years may become your new favorite after it’s restored.

And of course, sometimes jewelry breaks. Clasps and closures are the big culprits: having our master jeweler perform this simple repair means you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your necklace, pendant, bracelet or brooch once again. Strong, secure clasps mean you don’t have to worry about your jewelry getting lost.

Many people haven’t tried to have their jewelry repaired because they did not know repairs were possible, or because they assumed the repairs would be very expensive. In fact, jewelry repair is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the cost of replacing the item. Why not make 2018 the year you dare to repair and begin enjoying your jewelry collection even more? Free, no obligation repair consultations are available: schedule yours today.  

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