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Exciting Engagement Ring Designs

The Divine Nine: Exciting Engagement Ring Designs Manhattan Brides Love

While classic romance continues to have its share of fans, early fashion forecasts report that 2018’s brides to be are craving modern engagement ring designs that feature bold style and dramatic flair. The Divine Nine is our list of looks to watch for: you’ll see these elements showing up in designer bridal jewelry as well as custom engagement ring design. Which one do you love the most?

#1: The East-West Setting

Traditional engagement ring design features the center stone set in a North-South orientation – the stone lines up with the length of your finger. East-West settings turn that traditionally cut oblong stone, such as an oval, marquise, or emerald cut diamond, on its side for a fresh new look.

#2: Colored Gemstones

You know the Wasserman Jewel Galleries team love diamonds. They’re what we’re known for! But even we can’t resist the allure, sophistication, and visual appeal of engagement rings featuring colored gemstones. Morganite, a peach-pink stone with cool blue undertones, has been getting a lot of love from brides; don’t be surprised to see Aquamarines and Citrines take on the starring role.

#3: Rose Gold

Rose gold is 2018’s precious metal of choice. Look for the warm, luxurious pinkish gold to appear in your favorite designers’ collection. We’re seeing rose gold used alone and in combination with white or yellow gold for bridal jewelry; it pairs nicely with diamonds and select colored gemstones.

#4: Oval Engagement Rings

Choose an oval center stone for an engagement ring with a clean, classic, vintage vibe. Many oval engagement rings feature a single or double halo setting surrounding the center stone. This is a dramatic look with a strong visual impact: great for couples who want a ring that makes a lasting impression.

#5: The Open Ring

Open rings feature two gemstones set at the end of a band that almost, but not quite, encircles the finger completely. It’s a radical departure from traditional engagement ring design that’s ideal for the bride who wants something beautiful and different. Choose matching diamonds, matching colored gemstones, or combine your favorites.

#6: Unique Stone Shapes

In addition to oval diamonds, couples are interested in other unique stone shapes. Pear and marquise cut diamonds are among the most popular, with seldom seen cuts like the shield enjoying a moment in the sun. Mountings and bands tend to be simple, to focus the attention on the stone’s unusual shape.

#7: The Twist

Top bridal jewelry designers have been integrated twist elements into their engagement rings in a number of ways. Some use the motif to surround the center stone in an offset halo of diamonds and accent stones; others are experimenting with twists in the ring’s shank. This is a look with a lot of appeal: it’s particularly stunning in white gold, with twist points accented by smaller diamonds.

#8: Chevron Bands

Chevron bands have a distinctive V shape, with the depth of the V varying by designer. Some Vs are shallow, while others make a very bold statement. Engagement rings and wedding bands featuring a chevron design are extremely attractive when worn stacked.

#9: The Custom Ring Stack

Some engagement rings are designed to be worn with matching wedding and anniversary bands. An alternative is the emerging custom ring stack, which features unique combinations of an engagement ring with individually selected bands. Each piece of the stack can be created by a designer or a can be a one of a kind custom creation – the point is that it should make your heart sing with joy every time you look at it.

Is One of the Divine Nine Right for You?

If you’re planning a 2018 engagement and one of the Divine Nine has caught your eye, now is the time to start creating the ring of your dreams. Our team of master jewelers is scheduling confidential, no obligation consultations now: click here to book your time.

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