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Finding a Setting in Manhattan- Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Choosing a Setting

Once you’ve chosen your stone, your next step is choosing a setting for your engagement diamond.  Decisions can be difficult when so many different designs are available so we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most popular settings.  Each have their merits so look over each of our concise explanations of why they’re chosen time and again by loving couples around the world.

The Halo Setting
A larger center stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones creates a dazzling effect and makes the center stone look larger and brighter.  It’s an eye-catching classic design that allows for numerous variations in gem, shape, size and color. Within this one setting lies the opportunity for wildly diverse designs that allows you to create a truly unique ring for your beloved.

The Solitaire Setting
The Solitaire is considered one of the most popular engagement rings, showcasing a single center stone in a simple prong setting. A diamond can be cut in a myriad of attractive and captivating ways, and the minimal accents of the Solitaire setting focuses all the attention on the stone’s perfection. The simplicity of this ring is deceptive – the Solitaire ring is a sublimely elegant choice.

The Bezel Setting
The Bezel setting provides a look quite different from other diamond rings. Instead of using prongs, the stone is encircled within a thin band of metal that securely holds it in place. The result is a fantastic “framing” of the stone. Set in this manner, the stone is less likely to snag and would be an excellent option for the individual who plans to wear their ring constantly. The Bezel setting is a thoughtful choice; beautiful, elegant, secure – the ring of a lifetime.

The Cathedral Setting
Considered a true classic of bridal design, this graceful setting supports the center stone with arches of precious metal that raise it above the shank. This height gives the diamond added visual prominence and allows for more delicate accents and details on the shank. The Cathedral setting is a beauty, sure to capture your loved one’s eye and heart.

When considering all your options, you may have some very specific ideas about what your perfect ring will be. Wasserman Jewel Galleries is proud to bring those ideas to life.  Our master jewelers have been designing custom jewelry for our clients for over thirty years.  We’re proud of our craft and invite you to contact us to see why.

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