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Custom Jewelry: For an Exceptional Holiday Gift

The secret to having a stress-free holiday season is starting your shopping early. This is particularly true if you want to surprise a special someone with a truly spectacular gift or if you’re planning a holiday proposal. In either instance, custom jewelry will elicit the delighted response you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Manhattan Custom Jewelry: Limitless Options

Wasserman Jewel Galleries is home to some of New York’s most talented, experienced Master Jewelers. Our professionals excel at taking your vision or concept and capturing it in gorgeous gemstones and precious metals. We’re known for our exceptional inventory of superior diamonds, so if you’re thinking about having a pendant, bracelet or earrings created you’ll have an impressive selection of diamonds to choose from.

The best custom jewelry is very personal and reflects the recipient’s personality in a meaningful way. That’s why we’ll ask you questions about your recipient’s passions and style. Your insights and commentary will influence the preliminary design. Your feedback is used to refine this design until it’s exactly what you want to give.

Good things take time. That means the ideal time to start planning your gift of custom jewelry is now. Please schedule an appointment: we meet with custom jewelry clients individually in our private showroom, so you can concentrate fully without any sales pressure or worry about being overheard.

Holiday Proposal

Custom Engagement Rings Handmade in Manhattan

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve are the three most popular dates to propose marriage. If you’re planning a holiday proposal, or you know you want to get engaged before 2018 starts, the time to start your engagement ring shopping is now. Custom engagement rings are ideal for the couple who want a truly one of a kind ring to celebrate their romance. Our team of Master Jewelers creates custom engagement rings in both classic and contemporary styles, from the ornate and romantic to the sleek and sophisticated.

Our diamond inventory includes a range of superior stones in larger sizes, cut in both traditional and fashion-forward shapes. Our team will work with you to maximize your custom jewelry budget: working directly with our design team is the best way to ensure you get exactly the ring you want to propose with at a price you’ll love.

Holiday Proposal

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