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Diamonds - Diamond Jewelry at Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Diamond Jewelry: Always in Season, Always in Style

The fashion world moves very fast. Clothing designers release multiple new collections every year. People change their wardrobe with the season, and they want jewelry to enhance their new apparel. Building a jewelry collection can be a lot of fun, but you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your investment. Trendy jewelry design does have its place! You just want to balance the number of right-now styles in your collection with looks that will last a lifetime.

Diamonds are Forever in More Ways Than One

We’ve all heard the De Beers motto, and it’s very romantic to dwell on the connection between Earth’s hardest, most enduring gemstone and everlasting love. But let’s talk about the other sense of forever for a moment, and focus on how diamonds have always been among the most precious and prized gems.

The fourteenth century was a very tumultuous time in Europe: disease and war raged over much the continent and even beyond. Yet it was during this period of upheaval that humanity discovered how to cut and facet diamonds, freeing their beauty for all the world to see. If you saw a 14th century diamond ring today, chances are you’d find the style to be pretty medieval – the design elements would be simple and perhaps not as refined as you’d expect from a piece of handmade jewelry today – and yet still potentially fashionable. Armenta and other jewelry designers working in that Game of Thrones – inspired aesthetic today produce contemporary versions of timeless diamond jewelry design.

The popularity of diamond jewelry has grown over time. At the same time, there are classic fine gemstones that have been prized for their intense color and durability. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires can command the same level of prestige as a fine diamond, and are often used in combination with diamonds in both fashion and bridal jewelry designs. Romantic, Victorian and Edwardian era estate jewelry often features smaller diamonds combined with gemstones and pearls.

As time went on, diamonds used in jewelry became larger, as we’ve seen here in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Diamond cutting technology has evolved tremendously, and today, the selection of extremely high quality stones being cut with true artistic precision is the best it has ever been. Clear, colorless diamonds continue to remain the most prized, although colored diamonds, most especially pinks and yellows, are currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

Visual Versatility: A Key Component of Fine Diamond Jewelry’s Appeal

Fashion wardrobes are often identifiable by a certain color palette. Think of the psychedelic sixties or the groovy seventies. The colors used in apparel were also embraced by jewelry designers: semi-precious gemstones including turquoise, carnelian, citrines and peridot enjoyed a season in the sun that’s instantly recognizable as vintage. Diamond jewelry enjoys a more timeless appeal because it offers its wearer true visual versatility. The compelling sparkle and shine of fine diamond jewelry goes with any color one chooses to wear. Diamonds complement every style, from cute and casual to the ultimate in sophistication.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the key pieces of diamond jewelry every NYC woman should have. We’re not going to talk about diamond engagement rings or bridal jewelry here, as that’s another story entirely. These are the key pieces of diamond jewelry you want to have as fashion essentials: the reliably glamorous, always in style accessories you can count on when you want to look spectacular.

First, the diamond stud earrings. Totally versatile and always appropriate. Half carat or larger diamond stud earrings are the most popular that we sell here in our private showroom. Smaller studs are nice for when you’re in the mood for some low-key glam; go bigger when it’s time to make a statement. In the same category, diamond solitaire pendants are a fashion classic. Halo style pendants are the off-the-moment version; choose all-diamond for a brilliant monochromatic look or have your NYC custom jewelry designer incorporate your favorite colored gemstone to put your own twist on the look. Finally, the diamond bracelet. The classic piece of timeless design that transcends trends, the diamond line bracelet can’t be beat. Always appropriate, diamond line or tennis bracelets are easy elegance that’s always in style.

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