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Engagement Ring Shopping in NYC - Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Looking at the Details

Deciding on an engagement ring can seem like a monumental task when there are so many styles to choose from. Choosing a specific stone or precious metal, the setting, the band – there are so many factors to consider! And among these larger decisions, there lurks the smaller delights within the ring’s design. And it’s these elements which often make a piece unique. You may find your perfect ring while considering the smallest and most charming details.

Pave Glitter
To set off the center stone, jewelers often use a pave setting, which is a multitude of smaller stones set closely together along the band or in the halo. This is an excellent option if you prefer the look of a diamond’s sparkle over the sheen of the metal band. You can make your ring even more eye-catching be choosing a multicolored pave setting.

Design Elements
The band of an engagement ring can itself be a work of art, expressing the lasting nature of true love with expert craft. Infinity bands especially symbolize the strength of your bond with the well-known symbol at each side of the center stone. A split shank is a more delicate-looking ring: the metal splits before it reaches the setting, and the thinner metal bands are perfect for single rows of pave stones.

While considering the band, think about what colors and metals you prefer, cool or warm, gold or platinum. Mixing your metals to create a vivid contrast is a look that always wows. Two- or three-toned bands work especially well with halo and split shank designs.

Hidden Treasures
The hidden gemstone is another attractive, and very intimate, option in which a tiny diamond is hidden to the side, under the setting, or on the inside of the band. It’s a beautifully subtle design element. Your ring announces your commitment to the world, but this small and precious gem is only for you two, like the myriad special moments you’ve shared.

Choosing your ring is a special moment. Your engagement ring is a symbol of your love and bond and is one of the most important gifts you will purchase. It should express who you are and who you want to be, a monument to your lives together. If you need help making your choice, Wasserman Jewel Galleries can help you with any or all of your decisions, from the center stone itself to the smallest details. Call us to find out more.

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