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Wasserman Jewel Gallery - NYC engagement ring trends

The Sophisticated Engagement Ring Styles NYC Brides to Be Love

Choosing an engagement ring can be a balancing act. Knowing that this one piece of jewelry represents the promise that a lasting love is a huge idea. Brides to be are often influenced by traditional engagement ring design, including the rings they’ve seen family members and friends wearing. At the same time, being in style really matters, particularly to brides to be who work in high profile positions or have very active social lives.

We hand craft engagement rings to thrill brides. We’ve found that custom designing diamond rings that incorporate both traditional engagement ring styling and today’s fashion trends is a winning combination. With that in mind, we’d like to share the styles people are coming to our private Fifth Avenue showroom seeking:

NYC Engagement Ring Trend #1: Rose Gold.

Rose gold is made by combining high quality yellow gold with silver and copper. The result is a lush romantic reddish gold that has a soft beauty all of its own. Rose gold pairs well with diamonds as well as warm-hued gemstones such as rubies, citrines, morganite, and pink sapphire.

NYC Engagement Ring Trend #2: Dazzling Accent Diamonds.

An impressive center diamond is a staple of engagement ring design. The trend now is to complement that stone with clusters of smaller diamonds, either surrounding the stone or set on the band. Unique settings are the best way to wear the accent diamond look: choose accent diamonds around the band for the ‘full coverage’ look brides will adore. Because our Gallery, has extensive connections in the diamond industry, sourcing extraordinarily beautiful diamonds for the accent diamond engagement ring becomes easy and affordable.

NYC Engagement Ring Trends - Wasserman Jewel Galleries Halo Engagement Ring

NYC Engagement Ring Trend #3: Colored Gemstones.

For a radical twist on engagement ring design, consider not choosing a traditional diamond and instead choosing a vibrantly colored. Sapphires, emeralds, and high-quality opals are among the most popular choices for NYC brides. Colored gemstone engagement rings often feature accent diamonds as part of the design.

NYC Engagement Ring Trend #4: Black Diamonds.

While this look isn’t for everyone, brides seeking a dramatic and edgy engagement ring are choosing black diamonds! It’s important to understand that black diamonds are often heavily included, which means they must be cut, polished and set with great care. More than any other type of rings, engagement rings with black diamonds need to be designed around the individual stone. For best results, you’ll want to work with experienced master jewelers, like we have at Wasserman’s Jewel Galleries.

NYC Engagement Ring Trend #5: The Rose Cut Diamond.

Now to our favorite of these five trends: the rose cut diamond. The rose cut is an extremely traditional diamond cut: the earliest examples of rose cut diamonds are from the 1500s and the Victorians loved them. When you look at a rose cut diamond, you can see the floral aspects of the cut that gives the stone its name. Rose cut diamonds also reflect light beautifully – simply seeing one in person can give your heart joy.

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