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Heirloom Wedding Jewelry Repair: For Manhattan Families

So much of a wedding ceremony is about tradition. When a couple pledges their love to each other, two families connect. Each side has a rich history – the stories and experiences that came before this special moment. One way history is passed along, generation to generation, is through the tradition of giving family wedding jewelry – engagement rings or wedding bands, most often, although we’ve also seen this done with diamond brooches, vintage earrings, and pearl necklaces – to be worn during the ceremony.

It is a lovely idea, full of meaning. However, for such a momentous occasion, the wedding jewelry in question must be in good shape. Over the course of time, if not properly cared for, jewelry can lose its luster. Damage can occur, especially in the form of bent or misshapen rings and lost gemstones. Fit is always a concern: the ring that slipped easily onto a bride’s finger a generation or two ago may be too petite for today’s bride.

Wedding Band

Manhattan Jewelry Repair: Diamond Rings and Wedding Bands

There is no higher honor than when one of our customers trust us to repair a piece of heirloom jewelry. All work is done by our team of experienced master jewelers. All of our jewelry repairs are fully insured by Lloyds of London and our master craftsmen have special expertise with tricky ring resizing, such as with intricate bands or engraved rings, and repairing broken or chipped diamonds, two common concerns with heirloom wedding jewelry.

We also recommend having one of our Master Jewelers provide your heirloom wedding jewelry with a thorough inspection and cleaning before you pass it along to your loved ones. This way, you can give with confidence, knowing the jewelry looks its absolute best and is in great condition.

Jewelry Repair

Custom Jewelry: Solving a Common Family Heirloom Issue

Sometimes a family is blessed with multiple children who would all like to use the same wedding jewelry in their ceremonies. Our team has found that the best solution to this issue is creating look alike pieces of the heirloom rings, using only the finest diamonds and precious metals, or designing entirely new jewelry using elements from the original piece. Depending on the family’s wishes, these pieces of custom jewelry can be totally identical, or designs can be modified to fit the individual wearer’s preferences.

If you’re in the planning stages of a wedding and know that jewelry repair services will be needed, we invite you to make an appointment and meet with us. We’ll inspect your item and give you an objective report on what issues need to be addressed. Because we have a strong network of colleagues in the diamond industry, Wasserman Jewel Galleries is able to offer tremendous value when it comes to replacing missing or damaged diamonds or gemstones. All work is done quickly, professionally, and confidentially. Let us help you continue your beautiful family tradition with pride.

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