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Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Shopping Secrets

Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Shopping Secrets

Valentine’s Day can come with a certain level of expectation. You don’t want to give just any gift, you want to give the perfect gift – the one that makes time stop for just a second, as she smiles with delight and joy.  How do you make that moment happen? By making use of these masters-level jewelry shopping secrets!

Trust Your Heart

You know beauty when you see it. Jewelry is an intensely visual art form. We derive joy from seeing the colorful gemstones, the flashing brilliance of diamonds, the special shine of gold. Viewing a variety of fine pieces all at the same time is the best way to let your natural aesthetic instinct do its job: it is a magic moment when your heart tells you ‘this is the one!’

Listen & Remember

Some of you read the previous tip and said, “That’s lovely, but you don’t know my sweetheart. She knows what she wants, exactly.” In these instances, it’s good to listen. When your love drops hints about her favorite gemstone or a designer she’s into or even a specific piece, act on them. Having a favorite gemstone set in a piece of custom jewelry makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Be Thoughtful

Does your sweetheart have jewelry she doesn’t wear anymore? If you’ve noticed a favorite piece has disappeared from her wardrobe, the reason may be that the jewelry is broken and needs repair. Clasp and closure repairs, ring resizing, and other jewelry repairs are a surprising, thoughtful gift. You already know she loves the jewelry and she’ll be so excited to be able to wear it again!

Proposing on Valentine’s Day

Talk about expectations – if you’re going to propose on Valentine’s Day, you need to have a romantic engagement ring! Take her breath away with a one of a kind custom diamond engagement ring, created right here in Manhattan by our master jewelers.  It’s the ultimate way to celebrate love’s holiday!

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