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Manhattan Custom Jewelers: You Dream It, We Design It!

Creativity manifests differently in every individual. We see this all the time.

As Manhattan custom jewelers, we have clients come in who have a very concrete, exact vision of the piece of jewelry they want. They know, down to the finest detail, what their ring, pendant, bracelet or other unique creation should look like.

Other clients approach the process differently. They know what they want their piece of jewelry to express emotionally, or they know what they want to celebrate or commemorate with it, but they don’t have the first clue of what that piece of jewelry will look like. Sometimes the urge to create a piece of custom jewelry is born when someone acquires a loose diamond or gemstone and desires to showcase its beauty to the fullest.

At Wasserman’s, we know how to work with you to bring your creative impulse to life. Our private showroom is conveniently located in Manhattan. It’s the ideal setting for the focused conversations that are the fundamental heart of any custom jewelry creation. When you’re free from distractions and nosy onlookers, you can have space to express yourself without any pressure or judgement.

Our role as designers is to hear what you have to say, and then, drawing on our experience and jewelry making expertise, bring you design concepts. We may suggest forms, such as custom ring, pendant or earrings, as well as the gemstones and metals to use. These preliminary sketches are a starting point: through further conversation, designs are changed and refined until you’re thrilled with what you see.

We understand this process takes time. You’ll never be pressured to make an on-the-spot decision. Fine jewelry lasts a lifetime. It’s okay to mull things over and think your options through. When you’re committed to your custom design, we’ll move into more formal renderings and have a wax model of your piece made so you can see, feel, and spend time with it. This level of interaction with the custom jewelry design is to ensure your total satisfaction – it’s kind of old-school, but sometimes tradition exists for very good reasons!

Our custom jewelry is handcrafted. Master jewelers create one piece at a time, working to the most exacting specifications, using the finest tools and materials available. The result is your dream piece of custom jewelry, designed and made exclusively for you, right here in Manhattan.

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