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Woman Holding Graduation Cap

Gems for Grads: Diamond Jewelry Gifts

As graduation season approaches in the beginning of May, a new wave of educated individuals is preparing to celebrate their accomplishments in the realm of academia. Before long, these students will be joining the workforce as established adults, ready to make their mark and navigate a career path. Their acquired knowledge and fresh perspective will be a tribute to society, and for that, we appreciate them. This once in a lifetime experience calls for celebration and acknowledgement of what is to come by their loved ones who saw them through it all and wish them luck on what is to come…you! What better way to honor hard work and devotion to their future than with an exclusively selected diamond design from a revered name located in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District -Wasserman Jewel Galleries.

A New Wave of Diamonds Enter the Workforce

Years of academic advances have cut your graduate from ignorance, colored their perception of the world, given them the clarity of knowledge, and bestowed upon their shoulders the weight of the future. Just as he or she has dedicated countless hours to their studies in preparation of this day, carbon within the earth has taken many years to complete its metamorphosis into an esteemed gemstone. Diamond jewelry is the perfect gift to celebrate what has been, what is currently present, and what is yet to come.

When shopping in Manhattan, Wasserman Jewel Galleries is the number one location for superior diamond jewelry. Each and every diamond is rigorously screened for cut, color and clarity by our master jewelers. We carry every shape in the industry and can present you with a diamond that fits your exact standards using our diamond search. Our designs encompass a wide array of styles and this vast selection has something to offer for everyone.

NY Diamond Jewelry at Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Sparkle & Strength: Diamond Gifts for Her

Allow Wasserman’s diamond designs to symbolize her strength and sparkle after a job well done. Whether she is a budding career woman or a seasoned professional furthering her education, diamond stud earrings are the perfect graduation gift. Wasserman’s diamond stud earrings come in a variety of sizes to suit her taste and can be worn on any occupation. Whether you think she would want to sport a subtle hint of sparkle or pack a dazzling punch of wow!… Wasserman Jewel Galleries has you covered.

If you’re looking to don your celebrated loved one in something close to her heart, try our selection of diamond pendants on for size. Rare and beautiful, pure and strong, a diamond pendant is representative of faithfulness to herself and others. Stay close to her heart with a sentimental piece that can be worn for a lifetime full of accomplishments.

Diamond Accents are A Guys Best Friend

Don your dapper graduate with diamonds from Wasserman Jewel Galleries’ delectable collection of watches and cufflinks.

Our Manhattan jewelry store carries a broad spectrum of diamond accented watches to gift your graduate with. A man’s watch collection can carry a meaning deeper than what meets the eye. Whether you’ll be gifting him with his first watch or adding to an already thriving collection, the tick of his timepiece will resonate as a symbol of pride and respect from his loved ones throughout this new chapter of life as a professional.

Wasserman is also pleased to custom craft a pair of diamond accented cufflinks that prove the perfect gift for a male graduate regardless of the industry he has chosen to pursue. Douse him in debonair designs that are both ornamental and functional as he enters the workforce. Cufflinks may function as professional everyday wear or be worn with pride on special occasions.

Both gift ideas serve as so much more than representations of love and acknowledgement. The first-class quality of Wasserman’s diamond accented watches and cufflinks allows these functional items to serve as investments in family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations to come.

Customized Mementos

Wasserman Jewel Galleries has been a proud provider of custom jewelry designs to the Manhattan area for many years. Our on-site craftsmen and technology allow us to create custom looks that are perfectly personalized in celebration of the graduate in your life. We can bring your ideas to life through a collaborative creation process that involves you every step of the way.

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