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Modern Design Twists on Classic Gold Jewelry

Make Mine Modern: Design Twists on Classic Gold Jewelry

This is modern design’s moment, as fashion lovers are clamoring for clean, sculptural designs that make a strong impression. Whether you’re browsing designer jewelry collections or are planning to create a custom piece, you’ll want to keep these design twists on classic gold jewelry in mind: they’re great examples of what you’ll see friends, colleagues, and celebrities wearing in the weeks to come.

Say So Long To Symmetry

Swarovski has identified asymmetry as one of the design twists 2018 will be known for. In their example, a ring featuring a flower may have previously had Swarovski crystals on every petal for a uniform look; going forward, expect designers to mix up motifs by leaving some crystals out of the mix and leaving petals plain.

Get Ready for Rose Gold

It’s impossible to overstress how relevant rose gold will be in 2018. The romantic reddish gold is a natural fit for wedding jewelry, but it’s also making huge inroads in fashion jewelry design. Consider using it in a classic look like a diamond tennis bracelet: it’s just enough of a twist to be eye-catching.

Custom & Customization

Tell your own fashion story by choosing custom jewelry design: it’s the best way to have your vision brought to beautiful life. Another option: customization. Many top jewelry designers are more than willing to work with clients who want to put their own touch on existing designs. These modifications can include adding more diamonds to a design, engraving or changing the band detailing, and more.

A Stone of a Different Shape

Diamonds continue to be a fashion essential, taking the starring role in everything from engagement rings to stud earrings. The modern twist involves exploring some lesser known diamond cuts. Look for pear shaped and marquise diamonds to be popular – they’re projected to be this year’s big hit, along with more obscure cuts like shield and heart shaped diamonds.

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