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NY Fashion Week: The Jewelry Trends You’ll Want to Know About

NY Fashion Week: The Jewelry Trends You’ll Want to Know About

New York’s Fashion Week is when everyone gets to see what the world’s top fashion designers have been working on. The styles shown spark plenty of conversation as people debate what they can’t wait to wear and what looks are made to be forgotten. This year, we’ve been fortunate enough to get some inside information regarding the jewelry trends that will be dominating the runways. Here’s what to watch for:

Welcome to the Gilded Age

Sculptural gold earrings, neck pieces, and statement bracelets show up with surprising regularity in Fashion Week collections. Look for Game of Thrones inspired motifs with an ancient feel as well as sleek modern looks. The key detail to watch for: a variety of finish treatments, including hammered, brushed, and textured surfaces worn in combination for a lush look.


Jewel Tones: Colorful Classics for Neck, Ears, and Wrist

Precious gemstones never go out of style, but some years, they get more attention than usual. 2017 is proving to be one of those years, with ruby, emerald and sapphire jewelry featuring in prominent roles in several designer collections. Look for colorful gemstones to be paired with accent diamonds. White and rose gold dominate in many collections, with yellow gold and mixed material pieces also showing strongly.


The Bigger the Better: Bold Statement Jewelry

If there’s one look that defines Fashion Week 2017, it will be bold statement jewelry. Oversized earrings, necklaces that demand attention, and wrist-wrapping bracelets studded with colorful gemstones and diamonds all fall in the statement jewelry category. Not necessarily for everyday wear, these designs are ideal for events when you want to make a big impression: openings, gala dinners, weddings and festive celebrations. Choose a designer look to be on trend, or create the trend by having a Master Jeweler create your own unique statement jewelry for you.

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