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Vibrant Purple Amethyst Ring with a Diamond Halo


Pantone has officially announced the 2018 “Color of the Year” to be a beautifully enchanting shade of purple titled “Ultra Violet.”  In the hustle and bustle of today, particularly regarding the fast moving pace of Manhattan, this shade claims to reflect and promote what the modern world could use a touch more of: introspection, ingenuity, originality and spiritual connectedness.  Allow this magical and mysterious shade to resonate deep within, to a place where conscious awareness rarely travels.  A place within each of us that connects to the cosmos, where intuition and vision collide.


Forged by nature and complemented by the craftsmanship of man, amethyst carries the most brilliant reflection of Pantone’s divine ultraviolet hue. Known as February’s Birthstone, this variety of Quartz ranges from deep violet to light lilac and is regarded as the most valuable and prized variety of its kind.  In ancient times the amethyst was revered for possessing highly metaphysical properties, and today it is said to induce peace and balance.  Amethyst purportedly increases intellect and is used for emotional, spiritual and physical calming.  Scientifically, this gorgeous gemstone is known for absorbing and reflecting far-infrared radiation. This process induces many positive effects on a human’s health, such as supporting healthy cell regeneration, increasing energy, guiding a healthy sleep cycle, improving circulation, inhibiting bacterial growth and providing mood support.

Not only does amethyst possess the famous Pantone Color of the Year, but it contrasts gorgeously beside one of the most prominent jewelry trends of 2018: pearls.  Timelessly glamorous, pearls mirror the Pantone classic color “Coconut Milk,” which has also been selected as a trending color this year.  Imagine pearl earrings with amethyst accents, strands of milky-white pearls fastened with an amethyst brooch, or an amethyst ring surrounded by delicate pearls.  There is no vision too complex for our talented Manhattan jewelers.


Amethyst, like many gemstones, allows its wearers to express an ardor for color through jewelry. That is exactly what Richard Wasserman keeps in mind on special buying trips when he leverages his extensive network within the jewelry industry. Wasserman hand selects only the most exceptional ultraviolet amethyst gemstones for our Manhattan clientele.

We’re proud to be known for both top-tier custom jewelry and engagement ring design in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Consider expressing your devotion to your beloved with a one-of-a-kind amethyst engagement ring. With all of the noteworthy characteristics this gemstone beholds, an engagement ring adorned with amethyst is the perfect fit for the strongly individual woman in your life. The creative, introspective-type would truly treasure and admire an engagement ring that echoes her nature, and Wasserman Jewel Galleries can create it in as little as two weeks.

If you’re looking to celebrate a loved one’s birthday this February, bequeath that special someone a custom-designed amethyst gemstone masterpiece. Entrust your heartfelt gift to some of the most talented craftsmen in Manhattan’s jewelry industry. Contact us today to create an exclusively custom amethyst jewelry gift that encompasses both the spirit of an ancient gemstone and the modern influence of color.

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