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If You’re Thinking of Selling Your Diamond Jewelry, Read This First

Traditionally, the fall brings an increase in the numbers of people who are interested in selling their diamonds, gold and other fine jewelry. Having ready cash available is convenient during the holiday season. Many people like to buy gifts or to go on special trips to celebrate this time of year. If you’ve been considering selling your jewelry, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some things you should know:

Stability is a Good Sign: There are plenty of people out there who are willing to buy gold, including unscrupulous types who set up shop during ‘special events’ hosted in rented hotel rooms and companies that expect you to mail them your jewelry and they’ll send you a check…maybe. Trust your instincts: if a situation seems sketchy, it might not be the place where you’re really going to get a fair, honest offer for your gold jewelry.

Choose to sell your jewelry to a reputable business with an established location. It’s best if they’ve been around for a while: stability is a good sign that a company knows how to treat people fairly. We’ve been right here in Manhattan for over 30 years now. You’re welcome to come see our private showroom for yourself – just click here to set up an appointment.

Look for the License: If you have any question about a gold buyer’s legitimacy, ask to see their license. New York City licenses gold buyers as part of a process to document all transactions and keep them fair. Be aware that a licensed gold seller is also required to ask you for your identification.

Your Gold May Be Worth More Than Its Weight in Gold: Most people know that prices for gold jewelry are often based on the item’s weight. What most people don’t know is that the fact an item is created by a top designer, or with exceptional beauty, can be worth even more. A gold buyer who also sells fine jewelry will often make a higher offer than someone who pays only scrap value.

There’s no sense in accepting an offer that’s significantly less than what your jewelry is worth when you have other options. You do not have to accept an offer when you’re selling your gold or diamond jewelry: if the price doesn’t seem right to you, you have the absolute freedom to say “No thanks!” and take your jewelry elsewhere. At Wasserman’s, our offers are good for (?) days; we’re always happy but never surprised when a customer returns to take us up on our offer.

Find Out What Your Gold & Diamond Jewelry Is Worth. Book a time with a member of our buying team by clicking here. We’ll be happy to look at what you have, and based on our buying criteria, make a fair and honest offer. Items of special interest right now are diamonds, mounted or loose, as well as estate jewelry and luxury watches.

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