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Get Extra Cash This Holiday Season By Selling Your Unwanted Jewelry to Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Get Extra Cash Just In Time For The Holidays!

Get Extra Cash Just In Time For The Holidays!

Get extra cash just in time for the holidays! This holiday season is fast approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about gift giving. We know this is one of the more exciting and nerve-wracking aspects of this time of year. You want to give your friends and family special gifts, ones that they will remember forever. That is one of the reasons why we have created our buy-back program, which allows you to turn the items in your collection you no longer wear into cash! Wasserman Jewel Galleries is actively buying right now, just in time for you to make a little extra money during this holiday season. So don’t wait, and give your loved ones genuine gifts from the heart.

What Do We Buy?

We accept anything from loose diamonds and estate jewelry, to flatware and bullion. So bring in any of your 10k gold or better pieces, whether they are yellow, white, or rose gold. In terms of silver, sterling and marked is favored. We are also obliged to inspect any platinum pieces you may own. Something we always are looking to buy is diamonds! When you come in for an inspection, please bring in grading certificates, receipts, and any other paperwork you may have relating to the diamond. If we have this documentation, we can provide you with the best possible offer! Lastly, if you have fine colored gemstones, we would be more than happy to take a look at those as well. Remember, your unwanted jewelry could even become someone else’s dream gift. If you have any of these, we’d love to take a look, so come in to Wasserman Jewel Galleries today!

Never Hesitate

Even if it is one single piece of jewelry, come in. We won’t hesitate to take a look at it, so you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it in! Cash from one piece of jewelry could be enough to buy your mother that pearl necklace she’s always wanted. Or it could be put towards a stunning engagement ring for a special holiday proposal. It could be worth more than you think, especially with our top dollar pricing. So don’t wait, because you could be holding on to a forgotten item that could be worth an unforgettable gift for that special someone. Book your appointment today!

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