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Matching White Gold Wedding Bands

Dapper Designs: Manhattan Men’s Wedding Band Styles

When it comes to Manhattan men’s wedding band styles, sleek style and timeless traditions are the order of the day.  We’re seeing the attitude toward male wedding jewelry evolve to include a wider range of metals, diamonds and gemstones, and design elements. Whether you choose to have your wedding band custom made or choose a designer wedding band, these are the style trends you’ll want to keep in mind.

Go Beyond Gold

While yellow gold bands have long been the de facto option for men’s wedding jewelry, today’s grooms have more options. Platinum bands are exceptionally popular, with white gold a strong alternative. Rose gold is the trend for both partners; the soft reddish gold is taking a starring role in many designers’ collections for this year.  Two-tone wedding bands combine multiple colors of gold into a single ring: white and rose gold make a stunning combination, as do white and yellow gold.

Focus on the Finish

Master jewelers can create a variety of different textures when crafting a wedding band. These finishes add visual and tactile appeal. Matte finishes are also known as satin or brushed finishes; they diffuse, rather than reflect, light for a soft, subdued aesthetic that’s very appealing. Hammered finishes can add a rugged edge to even the most refined design.

Diamond & Gemstone Accents

Diamonds have long had a prominent role in women’s wedding jewelry design. Now we see diamonds and gemstones increasingly appearing as accents in men’s wedding bands. As a rule, these diamonds tend to be smaller and round, although custom jewelry design allows for infinite variations. Colored gemstones can be used to accent diamonds, or take the starring role on their own.

Custom Design: Men’s Wedding Bands in Manhattan

A wedding band is a piece of jewelry you’re going to wear daily for years to come. Make sure you have a ring you’re going to enjoy wearing by working with one of Manhattan’s top custom jewelers to create it. Your ring design can incorporate the trends we’ve discussed, be more traditional in nature, or even your own wholly unique creation. The possibilities are truly limitless.

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