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Colored Gemstone Jewelry

nyfwDiscover the Most Radiant Rainbow

Manhattan’s fashion lovers adore strong, intense colors. Colored gemstones allow their wearers to integrate a passion for color into their wardrobes. Gemstones are available in every hue, whether it’s the rich ultra violet that’s been named the color of the year for 2018 or a personal favorite shade.

Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are the classic precious gemstones. You’ll always find a stunning array in our showcases, as well as gorgeous examples of other popular colored gemstones, including amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine and colored diamonds. Wasserman Jewel Galleries is continually buying and creating the finest colored gemstone jewelry, which means you have a perpetually-changing display of delights from which to choose.

Colored Gemstones for Engagement Rings & Bridal Jewelry

Unique engagement rings continue to be of interest to many Manhattan couples. The traditional all white diamond engagement ring will always have its fans, but for those romantics who want a little color, custom engagement rings and bridal jewelry can be created by Wasserman’s master jewelers using your choice of colored gemstones or colored diamonds.

Custom engagement rings using colored gemstones can be created in as little as two weeks with our Ever & Ever collection. Wasserman Jewel Galleries is known for providing exceptional value. We’ve been creating beautiful bridal jewelry to celebrate lasting love for 30 years. Schedule your private, no obligation consultation today to discover what we can design for you.

Manhattan Custom Designed Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring & Earrings

Manhattan’s Colored Gemstone Jewelry Experts

Each colored gemstone is a unique work of art, created by nature and perfected by man. The best way to source exceptional, high quality colored gemstones, is to go directly to the source. That’s why Richard Wasserman goes on special buying trips, choosing the best in class gemstones to create gorgeous custom jewelry for our clients.

Have you been searching for a specific colored gemstone? Let us put our extensive network of connections to work for you. Whether you need a single spectacular stone, multiple or matching gemstones, or want a great example of an unusual gemstone, we can find what you’re looking for.

Schedule your confidential consultation in our private Fifth Avenue showroom today.

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