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Manhattan Jewelry Repair Services at Wasserman Jewel Galleries

Don’t Despair, Repair! What You Need to Know About Fine Jewelry Repair in Manhattan

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When you wear a piece of jewelry every day, or it’s a special piece you’re especially fond of, it’s really upsetting when something happens that damages it. In some instances, people assume that their jewelry can’t be fixed. This can cause deep distress. But you don’t have to despair: fine jewelry repair is available at Manhattan’s Wasserman Jewel Galleries.

Complex Repairs: Chipped, Cracked or Missing Gemstones

Rings and bracelets encounter hard surfaces far more often than you might imagine. When this happens, gemstones and diamonds can be chipped, cracked, or even lost from the piece of jewelry. Softer gemstones are most vulnerable to damage.

There are a number of ways complex jewelry repairs can be addressed. Our Master Jewelers meet with you individually to examine your item and appraise you of your options. Sometimes, making adjustments to the mounting can conceal the damage, allowing you to enjoy wearing your jewelry again. In other instances, stones will need to be recut or replaced. Because Wasserman’s Jewel Galleries has extensive connections within the diamond community, we are often able to source replacement diamonds at very reasonable prices.

Complex Repairs: Rings with Very Detailed Shanks

When rings need to be resized, either larger or smaller, the dimensional changes are made by adjusting the shank. The shank is the part of the ring that is sometimes referred to as the band. When shanks are plain, resizing and other repairs are relatively simple. However, when the ring’s design involves a more elaborate shank, with engraving, milgrain, or even gemstones, resizing and repair needs to be left to the experts.

When you have a master jeweler as we do at Wasserman’s Jewel Galleries, repairs that appear truly invisible can be accomplished on even the most ornate ring.

Jewelry Repair - Gold Ring

Complex Repairs: Watches That Don’t Work

Luxury timepieces are the celebration of form and function. When a watch doesn’t work, it detracts from the joy of owning it. Our master jewelers perform all repairs using original manufacturer’s parts and factory-approved techniques. At Wasserman Jewel Galleries, we service all makes and models of luxury watches, as well as family heirlooms and sentimental treasures.

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