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Jewelry Redesign - Gold and Diamond Ring

Are You Ready for a Redesign?

Were you married in the 90’s? Twenty years ago, the most popular engagement ring styles were extremely simple, featuring brilliant cut diamonds set as solitaires, or in three-stone settings. Bands were almost always yellow or white gold, with little or no ornamentation.

Were you married in the 80’s? Thirty years ago, the most popular engagement ring styles featured sapphires. Princess Diana had made the blue stone popular, and many brides chose emerald or marquise cut sapphires, accented with diamonds, to celebrate their love. White gold was the top band choice; again, simplicity was the order of the day.

Were you married in the 70’s? Forty years ago, the most popular engagement rings were very different. Clusters of small diamonds set together for a dazzling effect were trending; these rings were crafted almost exclusively in yellow gold.

What type of engagement ring do you wear? Couples who have been married for decades often still have their original bridal jewelry, but the fact is that styles and tastes change over time. The engagement ring you may have adored in 1986 just isn’t right for you right now – even though you’re still very attached to the person who gave it to you!

When that happens, it can be time for an engagement ring redesign. We’ve had couples do this as their holiday gift, and it’s very romantic: the difference between crafting a custom engagement ring for a couple just embarking on life’s big adventures and one that’s been through everything together and still going strong is subtle but important. The clarity of vision and passion for what’s important is stronger, the longer a couple has been together.

If you’re considering a wedding jewelry redesign, here are a few things you should know:

You can absolutely keep your diamonds. Our master jewelers will happily incorporate the diamonds and gemstones you already have into your new wedding jewelry design, if that’s your wish. If you’re going in another direction with your new engagement ring, you don’t have to give up your old gems. Remember all those sapphires from the 1980’s? We’ve crafted gorgeous pendants and right-hand rings using them – in one family, these new pieces were presented to a daughter as a very special gift.

You’re free to choose what you want. Younger couples’ engagement ring choices are often very influenced by fashion trends, family traditions, and budgets. When you’re older, you know exactly how important trends and tradition are to you, and feel freer to make different style choices confidently. Established couples often have better budgets to work with than kids who are just starting out: this can make it easier to get the engagement ring you really always wanted!

Ready to learn more about redesigning your engagement ring? Schedule your no-obligation consultation in our private Manhattan showroom today to see examples of our past redesigns and discuss what you’re looking for in yours!

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