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antique engagement ring


It’s a story that’s been told countless times. Perhaps as a young boy, your family would tease you, saying that one day you would propose to the love of your life with the gorgeous engagement ring that Grandpa gave Grandma. Or maybe you never knew such a ring existed until a loved one passed away, and you became the recipient of an irreplaceable antique engagement ring. Whatever the backstory, you are now in possession of a piece of jewelry that carries the history of a love story.

Now it’s your turn. The time has come to attribute your own love story to the ring’s legacy. You’ve met the girl, fallen in love, and will go to any length to spoil your beloved with the perfect proposal. As she wistfully recounts the story of your proposal hundreds of times, she will be prompted by her audience to allow them to feast their eyes on one thing: the engagement ring. If you do your part just right, your future Mrs. will be showered with compliments on her husband-to-be and his impeccable taste in fine jewelry.

It’s conceivable that after decades and decades, the antique engagement ring in your possession lacks the luster of its youth. Maybe it’s missing some delicate diamonds along its shank, or the band needs resizing to fit your darling’s slender ring-finger. Perhaps the ring clashes with the modern style of your intended, or its style conflicts with her unique personality. That is where Wasserman Jewel Galleries comes in.

Our master craftsmen will work together with you to breathe new life into an antique heirloom. Our master jewelers are Manhattan’s experts in jewelry repair and engagement ring restoration and will rejuvenate a timeless design to its former glory, making it a wonder to behold once more.

You don’t have to choose between sentiment and your love’s personal tastes. If it’s the style of the vintage ring that needs tweaking, we’d be honored to create a custom engagement ring design that epitomizes the personality of your sweetheart. We’ll utilize the diamonds, gemstones, and metal of the original design to craft an engagement ring with only her style in mind.

Wasserman Jewel Galleries is committed to your satisfaction with the same fervor that commits you to your future fiancé. No one knows her quite like you do, and it’s because of this fact that even with our decades of experience in the Manhattan jewelry industry, your input is the most valuable part of the process. That is why we involve you every step of the way. Schedule a discreet, no-obligation consultation in our private conference room today to make an inherited engagement ring the next chapter in your unique love story.

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