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Woman's Hand Wearing Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Just Get Fancy: Celebrating Fancy Cut Diamonds

Did you know that about 80% of diamonds sold within the jewelry industry are round?

In a day and age that celebrates individuality and personal touch, why settle for being like everyone else? Wasserman Jewel Galleries encourages individual differences, distinct tastes and unique personalities by providing Manhattan jewelry lovers with a breathtaking collection of fancy cuts diamonds.

Which Do You Fancy?

A diamond’s cut is one of its most important quality characteristics. This term can often be interchanged with the word “shape” however, cut and shape have slightly different meanings.
A diamond’s shape tells you how the stone looks, while a diamond’s cut tells you how this shape has been achieved through cutting. Cut and shape may mean different things, but more often than not, a diamond’s cut will tell you what its shape is and vice versa.

A brilliant cut diamond has been cut to enhance the brilliance of the stone. The round diamond that composes about 80% of diamonds sold is considered to be a brilliant cut. Wasserman’s take on fancy modified brilliant cuts include Pear, Heart, Marquise and Oval. Oval cuts are considered to be modifications of the round cut and are cut to create a stone that gives off an impression of length. Marquise cut diamonds are named after the French term for “little boat,” due to the resemblance of a sailboat’s hull. Pear cut stones are considered to be a mix between marquise and round brilliant cuts and resemble the appearance of a teardrop.

Diamonds with facets that are parallel to each other and to the stone’s edge are known as step cuts. Examples of step cuts include Emerald and Asscher cuts. Emerald stones are known for their clarity, while Asscher shaped diamonds are square emerald cut diamonds with extra depth.

Cushion cuts appear rectangular or square, however their corners are rounded, which makes the stone look like a pillow. Cushion cut diamonds are considered to be a mixed cut. These diamond cuts feature aspects of both step and brilliant cuts. Princess cut diamonds are mixed cut diamonds that have a rectangular outline with a great amount of sparkle. Another mixed cut diamond is the Radiant cut.

4 Fancy Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Shine Bright With Any Cut

No matter the cut, watch your diamond shape shine when placed in a Solitaire setting on a simple band made of precious metal. Such bands are created in platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold and all are offered in Manhattan’s own Wasserman Jewel Galleries. For a little extra sparkle, choose a band with micropave diamonds delicately set all around the band and watch your ring finger gleam.

East-West: What You Need to Know

East-West is the new engagement ring setting that is catching everyone’s eye. The diamond is placed in a horizontal, rather than vertical, setting on the ring band and gives the diamond engagement ring a very different look than the traditionally set stones. This trend works well for oblong cuts such as Oval, Marquise, and Emerald diamonds!

Whatever you choose, Wasserman Jewel Galleries is here to make your Manhattan diamond search easy and painless. Use our diamond search to find a diamond, and cut, that fits your fancy!

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