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Happy Bride and Groom in Black and White

Transcendent: Custom Jewelry Gifts for Your Special Day

As you plan for your wedding, you’ll consider gifts for your wedding party, parents, and each other. These gifts should be in keeping with the rest of your ceremony: thoughtful, unique and memorable.

Discover How Beautiful Thank You Can Be

Your wedding party plays a huge role in helping you plan and celebrate your love story. They’re the team you turn to as you navigate the ins and outs of wedding planning, providing emotional support, encouragement, and friendship. Saying thank you is important. The best gifts are those that your friends can enjoy time and time again.

For Your Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids

Custom jewelry provides a plethora of great gift options. Colored gemstone pendants are very popular, as your friends can wear them repeatedly with great pleasure. Our master jewelers also make custom bracelets and earrings that are a lovely way to say thank you.

Choosing custom is the most cost-effective way to give a gift that truly captures the unique spirit and sentiment of your wedding. Integrating design motifs, specific colors of gemstones, engraving and other special details highlights how meaningful your friends’ participation is to you.

For Your Best Man & Groomsmen

Handsome design and high-quality craftsmanship are the hallmark of custom jewelry gifts for gentlemen. The Wasserman team works closely with couples to create custom gentlemen’s wedding gifts that are distinctive and memorable. We strive to capture your unique personality, from classic to fun and quirky. Cufflinks, tie tacks and bracelets are top choices for groomsmen’s gifts, and we always welcome the opportunity to create something truly unique.

For Your Parents

Your parents have played a huge role in making you the people you are today. As you embark on a new life together, having them there to celebrate with you is so important. Consider honoring the people who raised you with a piece of custom jewelry to wear during the ceremony, chosen and created to complement their wedding attire. We’ve found that many parents appreciate having the ceremony dates discreetly engraved on the item as a way to remember this special day. Brooches, pins and pendants are top choice for Moms; for Dads, custom cufflinks, rings, bracelets, and tie tacks are all popular.

For Each Other

Choosing wedding jewelry begin with selecting the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands. But jewelry often plays an even larger role in your wedding day look. Many times, a groom will present his bride with a lovely pair of custom earrings or a pendant designed and handcrafted with care. The bride returns the favor by gifting her intended with cufflinks or an engraved watch.

Wedding bands are worn daily. They’re special, but you get used to wearing them. The nice thing about having additional jewelry associated with your wedding day is that subsequently, when you choose and put on these items, it’s a tangible reminder of the day you committed your lives to each other.

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