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Designing Custom Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry offers the engaged couple an opportunity to create the ideal symbol of their union.  The bride and groom will have seen engagement and wedding rings throughout their lives, yet when selecting a ring of their own, all those others may not be just right.  Creating an engagement ring as unique as your relationship is a rewarding process that Wasserman Custom Jewelers ensures will result in complete satisfaction.

For more than thirty years, Richard Wasserman and Wasserman Jewel Galleries have made custom jewelry for discerning clients from their boutique in midtown Manhattan.  In recent years, 3-D CAD technology has enabled clients to see their designs brought to life on paper before the rings are cast. And today, with 3-D printing, clients are able to try on their custom designs in a wax model before they are cast and the stones set.

Engaged couples will often window shop, scour the Internet, and try on rings at boutiques or department stores. These exercises reach their best reward when the couple is able to custom design a ring of their own.

Perhaps you have your heart set on a princess, marquise or Asscher cut.  The specific cut and quality of the gemstone will be the main factor in your journey to create your ring. With a custom design you can select the ideal gemstone without compromising design or budget.

Selecting the perfect stone for your taste and budget is a great benefit of custom-designed jewelry. With the guidance of an expert gemologist you can confidently navigate all the decisions of gem selection — color, clarity and carat weight. At Wasserman Custom Jewelers, gemologist Richard Wasserman works with clients to ensure that the ring’s design, stones and finish are all flawless.


3-D CAD   Three-dimensional computer-aided design enables the client creating his or her first piece of jewelry to view what the finished piece will look like.  Wasserman Custom Jewelry technicians are expert in realizing your designs. We work with you to ensure that the ring will work with any alterations you may have in mind, and that the ring of your imagination will look as beautiful on your hand as it does in your mind’s eye. Our goal is to bring the ring of your dreams to life.

STONE SELECTION   The heart of the ring is the gemstone. Richard Wasserman, a certified gemologist, works with clients to find the gemstone of their dreams and optimize their budgets.  Our diamonds and gemstones come with a diamond grading report or diamond certificate. We  help you navigate the selection and determine a comfortable budget, selecting a shape, determining the four Cs: Carat weight (the single greatest factor in price); color; clarity; and cut. In addition the polish, symmetry and lab report are important details in selecting your gemstone.

METAL SELECTION   Most commonly engagement and wedding rings are cast in 14- or 18-karat gold. You may prefer white gold, rose gold or platinum.

SIZE   We will size your ring so that it fits you securely and comfortably. We will help you to re-size your ring should your finger change sizes over the years. We are happy to clean your ring with our compliments when you come in for maintenance or simply to say hello.

SETTING   Our showroom setting, private and conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, enables our clients to take their time, discuss their goals, and enjoy the process of ring selection with privacy and personal attention.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE   The proper care and maintenance of fine jewelry will ensure its optimal luster. We provide our clients a complimentary cleaning solution for regular maintenance. We encourage clients of Wasserman Custom Jewelry to visit us for a complimentary cleaning of their fine jewelry.

STORAGE   Please store your fine jewelry separately in the pouches or boxes that we provide. Storing your jewelry properly will ensure that it is safe when not in use and help you to locate it when you next want to wear it.

INSURANCE   We provide our clients with appraisals with each purchase so that you are properly equipped insure it. We recommend securing a dedicated insurance policy with your carrier, or Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, available online and by calling 888.884.2424.

WASSERMAN CUSTOM JEWELERS   Your ring is the symbol or your union.  Wasserman Custom Jewelers is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients.  We look forward to working with you to create the engagement ring and wedding band of your dreams.

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