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Don't lose your diamonds - Jewelry Repair at Wasserman Jewel Galleries NYC

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Jewelry Repair?

We love getting new jewelry, but there’s something to be said for our old favorites. They often possess character, sentimental meaning, or the intention of being passed on as an heirloom someday. Yet even when you take the greatest care, wear can take a serious toll on your jewelry. Follow our guide to Manhattan jewelry repair to make sure you can keep wearing your stunning styles for years to come!

Your Diamonds or Gemstones are Loose

Diamonds or gemstones often become loose in their settings due to repetitive wear, the passage of time, and/or the elements. Sooner or later, those loose stones that have gone unattended will lead to loss. If you thought ahead and insured your jewelry design, then you’re ahead of the game. However, why leave it to chance? You can easily prevent the headache altogether by having the experts at Wasserman tighten the prongs and secure the safety of your stones!

Your Design is Too Tight or Too Loose

Everyone knows about ring resizing for when you lose or gain weight in your hands, but did you know we can resize other designs too?
Links and extenders can often be easily added or removed to bracelets and necklaces to make their wear more comfortable, or to fit current styles! For instance, 2018 was the year of the choker necklace. In 2020, we’re seeing the choker replaced by much longer necklaces that are often layered. Do you have a choker necklace that you absolutely adore, but want to stay on trend this season? Book an appointment at our exclusive Fifth Avenue jewelry store, and we can breathe new life into your necklace with a redesign!

Your Jewelry is Broken

Breaking your jewelry design is upsetting, until you remember that you can bring it to Manhattan’s favorite jeweler for repair! Has the gemstone in your favorite ring been cracked? Have you accidentally bent a beautiful bracelet out of shape? Or how about that necklace you’ve been meaning to get repaired- you know, the one sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box with a broken clasp?

Fortunately for you, and for your jewelry, we see these repairs most often here in our Manhattan jewelry showroom. Our expert jewelers will use the latest in jewelry repair technology for invisible and seamless repairs. Our diamond cutters at Wasserman can even repair chipped or broken diamonds with the cleanest possible finish in fine jewelry soldering!

Your Ring has Lost Its Luster

Once upon a time, the love of your life popped the question with an elegant engagement ring whose center stone was the epitome of brilliant. Has your ring lost its luster of youth after years of celebrated anniversaries and memories made? Are you’re looking to freshen up the precious metal of a design that isn’t quite your style anymore? If your ring is not quite as shiny as it once was, or you’re looking to modernize a yellow gold design for example, a rhodium dip is right up your alley!

Your Watch is Worse for Wear

Have the hands of time not been kind to your watch? Wasserman Jewel Galleries is home to some of the most talented master watchmakers in Manhattan. We do everything from band and battery replacements to complete overhauls. Not to mention, all watch repairs come with a 1-year warranty!

Here at Wasserman Jewel Galleries, we’ve been breathing new life into jewelry designs for over three decades. Book an appointment today and refresh your jewelry designs at Manhattan’s leading jeweler!

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